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Reiki seminars and sessions could  make excellent gifts.

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Your health is in your hands.

Literally and figuratively.

Want healthier and happier life, but consider yourself too skeptical, too busy, too scientific… to try  ‘alternative’ methods?

If you are looking for a simple, natural, non-invasive method, technique or system to improve your health, or to maintain good health, satisfaction and joy, you are at the right place.


Reiki is a system that promotes healing for everybody: for healthy and less healthy, young and less young, employed and unemployed, scientifically and less scientifically oriented, religious and non-religious.

The only requirement is: you need to be open-minded and / or neutral.

Quantum physics can scientifically explain how Reiki works.

Reiki teaching does not interfere with person’s belief system. It does not contain dogmas or concept of following. Totally opposite, Reiki promotes development of a healthy and independent person.

Here you can learn about Reiki System of Natural Healing, our Reiki courses, Reiki treatments, Distant Reiki treatments, Reiki for kids, animals, plants...



Research has confirmed what our common sense is telling us: stress promotes illness and sometimes even causes illness.

Also, nothing causes faster ageing from inside and outside, than stress.

Reiki (energy) treatment is a very effective tool for stress reduction. Stress reduction manifests through reduced anxiety, improved quality of sleep, increased energy, increased concentration, increased circulation, increased optimism, decreased  feeling of tiredness…



   Reiki energy brings the body into a healing mode activating

body's innate ability to heal itself..




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Anka Bosanac  Reiki Academy

What do we do?

Our expertise is providing enjoyable, effective and practical teaching and mentoring about Reiki  System of Healing.

We guide, coach and support our students through this process.


We help our clients to take responsibility for their health and life. We mentor them by providing practical tools and enabling spiritual insights for them to be able to help themselves and others, if they choose so.

We help in healing process. Healing ultimately depends on the person on a healing journey. It happens with our assistance, but only if the person is ready.

We help people to learn how to consciously work with Universal / Divine energy to minimize effects of stress, diminish or completely stop pain, diminish side effects of chemo and radio therapy, sleep better, and strengthen person’s general health naturally and with ease.

That process usually manifests as increased feeling of happiness and ease in all areas of their life and brings us immeasurable joy.



Our Motto

“Integrity plus experience enable us to provide effective and enjoyable learning and healing process.

Even for skeptics.”

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Reiki Available in

American Hospitals


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Conflict is Your Friend


Time of Confusion or

Time of Blessings?

Why Learn Reiki?

It Is hardly
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Only you can answer this question for yourself.

It is recommended that you first do your research on the topic of Reiki and then spend some time contemplating on what do you expect to get from learning Reiki and what positive changes that might bring into your life.

We can tell you what motivated us. It was a search for a health issue resolution (for Ljubo) and wanting not to miss out when positive changes noticed on the other person as an immediate result of learning and applying Reiki; and curiosity (for Anka).

In general terms, here is an excerpt of what learning of Reiki can enable you:

♦ to take responsibility for your health and well-being

♦ to deal with stress and sickness easier and more efficiently

♦ to enhance memory, intuition, creativity

♦ to balance  food or drinks to be more in tune with your body

♦ to assist in healing addictions

♦ to assist your family and friends on their quest for health and happiness, even perform Distant Healing

♦ to help animals in their healing process and stress reduction

♦ to assist plants to grow healthy and stay healthy

♦ to practise Reiki professionally as an additional or main source of income

... and much more....


What if you can reduce stress

with ease always and everywhere?

What if we can teach you all

the steps how to do exactly that?

What if you can learn it all from

the comfort of your home in just a few weeks?

Does a possibility like that one sound unrealistic?

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Students' and Clients' Experience