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To provide wise, practical, concise and enjoyable information on benefits of learning to work with energy (lifeforce) consciously, or receiving a Reiki / energy treatment as a treatment complementary to any therapy or as a way to maintain good health in long term.

Through an understanding of Reiki terminology, learning about real life cases and testimonials, we aim to give our potential students the information and advice needed to get their own understanding whether undergoing a Reiki / energy treatment or learning Reiki and applying other spiritual practices would be beneficial for them.

It is our aim to assist as many people as possible to discover that the healing comes from within and to empower them to be able to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

For those already on the look for a complementary therapy, particularly energy therapy, we offer our knowledge and combined more than 50 years of experience through our Reiki sessions, seminars and  other workshops.

Based first in New Zealand, now in Croatia, our aim is to be recognised as one of most effective and enjoyable places for Reiki education worldwide.

Our philosophy is one of openness and approachability.

We are always ready to share our knowledge with you and learn from you as well.

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Ljubo Bosanac

Reiki Master Teacher


ILjubo's story = Ljubo's Truth


26 years ago, my family and I could be found in our suburban apartment on the other side of the world, leading a life deemed 'ordinary' by most of our contemporaries. We did not have any idea that we were about to set  off on a spiritual odyssey, not just a long haul flight to a country of our immigration.

A chronic migraine sufferer, I had spent years in search of a cure for my ongoing condition, as conventional medicine had been unable to offer a solution. During a prolonged stressful period I also experienced enormous heaviness, tightness in my stomach area for which I couldn’t get any explanation, not to mention cure from existing medical institutions.

Possessed of a natural curiosity, I began to delve into alternative therapies and eventually came across something that would truly turn my life around. The concept of Reiki intrigued me so much that I contacted Reiki teacher Vera Aleksander and attended her seminar the very next two days. I experienced a significant emotional release during the seminar and within days, noticed a marked improvement in my overall condition and the tension in my stomach area was gone!

While I felt ‘over the moon’, my family looked at me with not much understanding, not to mention, encouragement. I was feeling better and better and that was enough for me to keep practising. As I was not inclined to be a ‘solo player’, I really wished my wife and daughters would join me in my new ‘adventure’.

 I couldn’t even guess at that stage that Reiki was to be only the first and most important step on a path affecting more than just my physical health.

Four weeks later, the whole family immigrated to New Zealand.

Despite my minimal knowledge of English, I got in touch with Reiki practitioner Wendy Worley, immediately after our arrival in Auckland and began attending monthly Reiki evenings (sharing groups). I also was doing regular daily self-treatment and treating family members whenever I got a chance to do so.

Before long I had felt ready for the next level. I have done my Second Degree Reiki training with Reiki Teacher Sandra Daubney.

Can you imagine my happiness when my wife decided to attend her First Degree Reiki course?

Can you imagine my happiness when my wife decided to attend her Second Degree Reiki course? She was so delighted about applying all that she learned that her happiness was contagious.

I was so happy with my experience of the Reiki System that I was promoting it intentionally, I mean, verbally and unintentionally, just by demonstration. People kept noticing that I looked better, that I gained some weight (I used to be too skinny), that I handle challenges with more calmness… Around that time a few friends and acquaintances started their Reiki journey. Even our daughters were inspired by beneficial changes in our, their parents’ life and they decided to attend their First Degree Reiki course.

Reiki fire started spreading around me.

I still remember the scene when my wife surprised me beyond my wildest dreams. We were getting home from a walk in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges. It was Sunday afternoon and the traffic was quite heavy. We were just having a relaxed chat when my wife suddenly said: ”I’ve been thinking and checking my feelings around this… I think I’m ready. I will become a Reiki Teacher.”

I nearly lost my control of the steering wheel.

She did not say: ”I would like to become a Reiki Teacher”, she said: “I will”. Considering her persistence and compassion towards anyone exposed to any kind of suffering, I was sure that she would achieve that, but none of us had any clue how. It looked impossible even in a few years time considering the investment involved. We were just newcomers starting from the beginning in a totally different environment than we used to live in.

Very soon things started unfolding in our favour so my wife was able to attend the necessary Reiki courses, investing 6 months of her time into preparations for teaching and started teaching two years after she finished her first Reiki seminar. The transformation was so big that it is difficult for me to describe it.

I kept progressing on my Reiki journey through education (finished the Third Degree 1.5 years after my wife) and through experience. My intuition was soaring. I was perfectly guided in all areas of my life, healing included. I couldn’t explain why I would place my hands just at that particular position and for that length of time, but I ‘knew’ that it was the most beneficial position.

A Reiki acquaintance ignited in me a spark of interest into the inventions of one of the greatest inventors of all times, Nikola Tesla. It was and still is a great pleasure for me to research his life and inventions. With my background in electrical engineering and every day greater understanding of metaphysics, it feels very natural to me.

Through that research I gained new perspective and inspiration for a few healing devices I constructed.

I take every opportunity to enhance my knowledge through my heart and my mind. That is why I have attended many courses on healing and spiritual topics. Whatever I do, the basis of it is Reiki. That healing system gave me grounding, guidance, physical and emotional strength, tools to attract the type of energy needed for a particular situation / condition / project, and above everything, amazing experience of joy for being of service.

Now, back to the beginning: Am I still a chronic migraine sufferer? No. I still have a ‘heavy head’ here and there, particularly when I oversleep on Sunday morning. But that is nothing in comparison with crippling migraine pain. I do not need any medication for that, no staying in bed. Just a ‘spoonful of Reiki”.

What was my biggest learning related to my Reiki experience?

I have learned that I have had to take responsibility for my own health in order to get free of illness for good. Natural treatments that I received prior to learning Reiki, helped me but did not have any lasting effect. I experienced first lasting positive effects on my health and wellbeing after I learned and kept practising Reiki regularly for a while.

If you ask me whether I still practice Reiki on myself, let me, please,  ask you something:

Do you still breathe?

My answer is the same as yours.


Here is my Reiki lineage for my Teacher Degree:

Dr Usui ⇒ Dr Hayashi ⇒ Mrs Takata ⇒ Beth Grey ⇒ McCumber/Schilke ⇒ William Rand ⇒ Barbara Pillsbury ⇒ Anka Bosanac


Anka Bosanac

Reiki Master Teacher


Anka's story = Anka's Truth


I'm writing this and thinking: Is it really me? Is that me who you came to read about on this page?

I teach Reiki in 2 languages on 2 continents and together with my husband I give healing treatments. All our students and customers are precious to us and they all experience significant improvement in their health and wellbeing.

I’m particularly humbled with opportunities to help cancer patients to experience minimal side effects of chemo and radiotherapy. One of them, diagnosed with breast cancer, drove to and from the hospital and then to work (part-time) during the entire chemotherapy. She was the only one in her support group that has not lost her hair. Can you imagine what that meant for her optimism and self-confidence?

You are probably thinking that it was always like that.

25 years ago I was a different person. I was very scientifically oriented business analyst in corporate world. I was always loving, caring and warm, but my world was pretty much ‘black and white’ and just one ‘real truth’ existed, preferably mine.

I didn’t have a clue that my beliefs were to be seriously shattered.

Life was good apart from a few health issues that were bothering my husband.

He couldn’t get much help from his doctors, so he started searching for some other ways to relieve the suffering.

One day my husband came home with a flyer announcing First Degree Reiki Course.  When I said that Reiki sounded to me like the name of some Japanese food, he laughed and said that the same thought has crossed his mind as well.

I felt quite uncomfortable with the idea but kept quiet. Is my husband getting crazy? Nobody is supposed to hear about this. Our friends would think that we are becoming hippies or God knows what.

My husband came from Reiki seminar very excited. His face was radiating and the tension in his body had gone. He couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful time he had had and the emotional release he experienced. The children and I were just rolling our eyes.

When he offered to give us a Reiki treatment, the children and I looked at each other in disbelief, but accepted. We treated him as a child.

Four weeks later, the whole family immigrated to New Zealand.

The stress of migration was even bigger then the stress of the war we moved from, but I noticed that my husband was handling that stress much better than ever and much better than I did. He was also feeling and looking better and better.

As a scientific person I needed proof for everything.  The proof was in front of me, not scientific but experiential. A proof is a proof. I couldn't ignore it.

There must be something in that my husband is practising I started thinking. Something beneficial. I don’t want to miss on it!

So I attended the beginner’s seminar. I had been quite happy with regular Reiki self-treatment and giving treatments to others here and there, but not really keen to rush to the next Reiki level.

Then my parents and wider family were displaced and I did not know where they were and whether they were alive at all. I went through an emotional hell as a result and got out of it thanks to my husband’s specialized Reiki mental-emotional treatments given to me and Distant Healing done to my family overseas. I did not want to feel helpless any more if something similar happened, so I had to learn the Second degree Reiki.

 I did not want to miss on facilitating a Distant Healing!

That is when I fell in love with this simple and powerful system of healing and self-empowerment. I realised that every aspect of my life was improving due to practicing Reiki. Freeing myself from some major fears was a real breakthrough for me. New understanding of Life and the Universe was just priceless. The list of other benefits would be quite long.

When my hairdresser told me: “Every time when I see you, you look better. What do you do?” I thought, oh God, what am I going to say? How am I going to word it for her not to freak out? So, I told her choosing words carefully, and she asked how she could learn that.

That’s it, I told myself. Do I need more proof that Reiki system works?  There are people around me that might benefit from learning it the same or more than my husband and I do. I’m going to become a Reiki teacher!

I don’t want to tell you what my husband’s reaction was when he heard about my intention. I can tell you only that it was more about certain type of gestures and face expressions than words…

I decided. It all looked very unlikely in the beginning, but became very possible in almost no time. I did it.  Can you imagine me scientifically brought up and educated, hanging on the wall a certificate that I’m qualified in teaching something that I just a few years ago, judged as some airy-fairy stuff that only hippies and alike believe in.

I did my Reiki Teacher training with Reiki Teacher Barbara Pillsbury. After half a year practising and preparation, I started teaching at the end of 1996. That is when I discovered that I was 'born to be a teacher". 

Now when I think how much happiness teaching Reiki brings into my life, and when I see people's lives transformed for better, I can say from the bottom of my heart, that only my children, my husband and my parents could make me happier.

Here I am sharing all this with you thanks to my decision ‘not to miss on it’.

And the reason why I’m sharing this with you is – I don’t want you 'to miss on it'!


It is not all ‘flowers and butterflies’, there are challenges in practising and teaching Reiki.

One of the biggest challenges for me is, when a person receiving a treatment, has a life threatening health issue and hangs onto us as saviours. When the condition improves, we are sometime looked at as ‘gods’. But what happens if the condition does not improve? It took lots of faith learning to be able to overcome that fear.

Teaching people from various cultures is very rewarding, although it can be challenging as well.

It was very challenging to teach people from a culture where nobody except that person’s spouse is allowed to touch him or her.

Even more challenging was teaching for the first time a group of Japanese people. I became anxious at the thought of teaching them a system originated by Dr. Usui from Japan!

Since I started on my Reiki journey, I had many opportunities to learn other techniques and modalities of healing and self-development. They all have a merit for me, but Reiki is always the starting point, the foundation. Without it, no other technique would have a strong foundation in my life.

When I think how many people started their spiritual journey with this powerful but simple system thanks to my husband’s amazing healing ability, his ‘advocacy’ and my Reiki classes, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

It is the gratitude for having an opportunity to receive so precious gift and being able to share it with others.

Here is my Reiki lineage for my Teacher Degree:

Dr Usui ⇒ Dr Hayashi ⇒ Mrs Takata ⇒ Beth Grey ⇒ McCumber/Schilke ⇒ William Rand ⇒ Barbara Pillsbury


Massage and Relaxation Therapist (In house)

Mirta's story = Mirta's Truth


I used to be a street cat.  Can you imagine how hard it was to live on the street? I don’t want to think of it any more.

Then a miracle happened. A lovely family took me to their home and I was able to give birth to my baby kittens in safety.

The family was  feeding me, they also took care that my kittens got into good homes. I thought that I couldn’t be luckier in this world.

My world was suddenly shattered. My family decided to sell the house. I didn’t know whether they would be able to take me to their new home.

They didn’t! The family that was moving in agreed to have me as a part of their household. I was so anxious about my future that I just kept hiding in the garden trying to avoid my new reality.

New family moved in. I had to eat so I approached them cautiously trying to use all my charms. They started talking to me in very kind and loving manner and gave me some food. Good food. Surprised as one could be, I suddenly forgot my charming tricks and behaved as I felt at that moment: just ate all the food in now time, licked my face and paws and went to sunbathe in the garden.

These people obviously didn’t mind my ‘lack of etiquette’, as they were again very loving and caring when the next mealtime came.

I was pretty surprised when I realised that I like new people. Every day I used to find a new reason to like them.  I particularly liked that they called me by my name, Mirta, and talked to me. The previous people never called me by name and hardly talked to me. In no time I was very happy and in love with my new family!

I used to think: How could it get any better than this?

I soon learned that it could.

My new family started inviting other people to our home. I then heard the word “Reiki”.  What is that, I wondered. There was a lot of talking, meditating and placing of the hands on various positions on head and body. I was mesmerised. Not by their hand movements and hand positions because I do those much more graciously. I felt relaxed like never before in my life, like floating. My body felt weightless.  I decided to jump on the massage table they were using. I didn’t think twice. Just jumped. They all giggled and then placed their hands on my head and body. I guess I fell asleep before I realised what just happened. When they nudged me to wake up and get off the table, I was very reluctant. I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t in kitty heaven, as I never before experienced something so beautiful.

Later I learned a lot about Reiki. I particularly like the impressions of Chubby, the previous four legged family member that passed away in a decent age of 18 years, before my family moved here.  I like it because it is done from our, cats’ perspective.

My family is very generous in giving me Reiki treatments. I must admit that I’m so spoiled now that I sometimes refuse receiving it because, e.g., ‘the timing is not convenient as I have important things to do in the neighbourhood’.

Recently I decided to be more of service as my token of gratitude. I entertain my family and I purr endlessly in their lap. That relaxes them very much and they enjoy it. I do the same also for their friends and relatives, only those I like. And I like most of them.

I look great and feel great. Better than a few years ago.  All that thanks to my family’s love and Reiki sessions given to me regularly.  Or is it the same? I mean love and Reiki?

To me, yes, Reiki is love.