Mirjana Qorri,

Miriana's Hair Design, Auckland

"I’m glad to share my Reiki experience.
My Reiki teacher Anka Bosanac is kind and compassionate.

She taught me Reiki up to Advanced level. She shares her rich knowledge and life experience with her students generously.

Learning and practicing Reiki changed my health for better and

opened for me a new level of understanding and experience

of life. It also boosted my creativity. I paint and I taught myself to play two instruments.

The results of my practicing of Reiki are best visible on myself                      

(and my dog). Thanks to self-treatments I’m in much better shape  and condition as a women in mid 50s than when I was a young girl. I’m completely free of painkillers, steroids and antihistamines I used to be dependent on. I use Reiki quite a lot as I do a self-treatment when I feel that I need one and I do treatments for my family and my dog. I can hardly imagine how would my life look now if I never learned Reiki.

I highly recommend learning Reiki with Anka as I still have Anka’s words in my mind “Even little Reiki, is better than nothing “.

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Maria D,

Musician and Music Teacher, Auckland

"I learned Reiki from Anka Bosanac from the beginners level and I'm now Advanced Reiki practitioner. I enjoy Reiki's healing and empowering energy: I have natural remedy for pain, great energy boost and, more than anything, great deal of calmness. 


I also discovered that I can take my life in my hands and let the Universe do the rest. I can help my dearest family and friends too. Thank you Ljubo and Anka for introducing me to and guiding me through the wonderful world of Reiki."


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Karen Lupe, psychotherapist and author, Auckland

In my Reiki journey I've been truly fortunate to have been one of Anka's students for levels 2 and 3. She holds the Reiki wisdom tradition strongly in her heart and teaches with intelligence, humor and compassion. I enjoyed the family atmosphere of Anka's workshops immensely; generously showered with love and food!"  



Alina, Lecturer, Auckland  

"Dear Anka,

Thank you for the workshop Reiki 1.  

I have to let you know that I have benefited from it starting from the very same evening, when I faced a difficult situation with much clarity, calm, and energy.

I do my treatment every morning (for about 30 mins when i wake up), and the last three days that have been super busy - being active from 6am to 11pm, have found me well prepared, and I was able to sustain everything with, again, great calmness, clarity and energy.  I will be attentive to drinking more water, and doing daily treatments - hopefully I will put in place a pattern in the following 21 days - and then be ready for the next stage.

 Thank you very much,

Kind regards,




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Jovan S, Fun loving gladiator of the Universe, by some people called “IT Infrastructure Designer”, Perth, Australia

"Being of suspicious nature, I was reluctant to fully believe in the power of energy healing until I was  presented with an opportunity to be a part of a Reiki healing session with Anka and Ljubo.

The burning sensation in my palms on that day was the tipping point that opened me fully to the amazing world of the light / energy.


Their openness , will to discuss, help and teach help me over the years to incorporate many aspects of the light work into the daily life. They have (and I hope will) helped and inspired me to explore my own way leading to the amazing experiences."


Students' and Clients' Experience