Cats’ Love Life and Reiki

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This post was published on my web page "Reiki Spark" quite a few years ago.

Valentine's Day is approaching and we are in February, 'cats month', so I find it appropriate to re-publish.

My friend N. rang recently and said:

“What is it about my home that all cats from the entire neighbourhood come here to eat, sleep and make love, eventually?”

It was more self-talking than asking me for any answer.

Yes, what it is?

I know that she and her family are ‘besieged’ by the cats from the neighbourhood. Although they have quite a few ‘Master Cats’ to serve at their home, the new ones are just appearing on their doorstep asking for food and wanting to be adopted. Those cats have their home with other kind cat loving families, but come regularly to her anyway.

Yes, why is that?

Her husband fell in love with a very cute kitten that just popped in last year and did not want to go home any more, she fell in love with a young cat she saw in the animal hospital recently. Two additions in less than a year plus the ‘native’ ones, oh God, the number of “Master Cats’ at their home just grows and grows…

So does the number of cats trying to get adopted. It is not about some stray cats without food and shelter; it is about well-fed and groomed cats.

What attracts them to my friend’s home if it is not food and shelter? And it is not food and shelter for sure, because they have both of those already.

It is Love that attracts them. Not just my friend’s and her family’s love. It is about far greater love called #Reiki.

My friend practises Reiki and gives #treatments generously to everybody in need, cats included. Lots of treatments means lots of energy around, and those #high vibrations are there in and out of her home. Cats, being ‘superior species’ as our Chubby said, are very sensitive to energy. Although they live somewhere further down the street, across the street or driveway, they sense the high vibrations of the #pure energy. And they come to bask in it, to absorb it, to enjoy it, to get healed.

Unlike their human family, they have no judgement (lucky they!) and they sense very well what is good for them.

Back to cats’ love life.

When my friend adopted the young female cat from the hospital, she was informed that the cat has been spayed. Can you imagine her shock when she discovered that her lovely cat just disappeared in the neighbouring bush for no apparent reason?

All was revealed in a couple of hours. My friend stepped out of the house to check again whether her kitty got back, and, yes, there she was! There she was fully embraced in love making position with one of the tomcats from the neighbourhood.

It was too much for my dear N.

It wasn’t just about the obvious need to take the cat to the vet for ‘fixing’ and paying the bill.

It was more about the realisation that her home is chosen by the cats from the neighbourhood not only as the place to go to ask for food, to get a healthy sleep, to get some Reiki treatments, but as a love making nest, as well


“What is it about my place,” said N. “I think, it is Reiki”.

It certainly is, dear N. You know deep in your heart that it is Reiki.

And you are happy about it.

Me too.

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