Is Stress Your Quiet Enemy?

Are you familiar with the effects of stress on your health and well-being?

In the last 12 months I didn't speak with a single person whose one of the main worries/ concerns was stress. My impression is that we are not all under the same level of stress and we don't manage stress equally successfully.

If you wonder 'how serious it is' in your case, here is a questionnaire to help you assess the level of stress and how dangerous it might be to endure that level of stress any longer.

The Questionnaire is free for you to download from our site

Stress Assessment Questionnaire

Reiki is very effective for stress release.

When you identify your stress level, you will have some idea how 'serious it is'. If it doesn't call for urgent medical help, I suggest implementing this in your evening routine:

  1. Place all your electronic gadgets outside of reach and switch them off.

  2. Prepare warm water foot bath and a kettle of hot water to add additional hot water when needed.

  3. Play relaxing music

  4. Perform Reiki self-treatment, even better ask somebody from your family to give you a Reiki treatment

If you don't practice Reiki, and want to learn it, we will facilitate online courses soon. Feel free to check HERE for more info.

Apart from doing the above evening routine, we recommend that you deal with practical issues, one by one, whenever it is possible to minimise the list of stressors that are affecting you now.

Good luck!

We would like to hear from you how helpful our questionnaire was. Thank you.

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