It Is Hardly Black And White

Our world is a quite strange place to live in this year. It is difficult to imagine a person not being 'thrown' out of their comfort zone in last eight months.

At the first glance, everything looks hopeless and frightening. For us with a little longer experience in physical body it may be a less frightening experience. We know from our experience that there is a 'silver lining' to every situation. It is not obvious, not easy to see, but it is there.

I appreciate that you might not see it, even believe in it. Perhaps it is time to start looking for it?

I feel that our world is going to get completely reset. Our personal and collective values will change. The way how our society function will change. All that for the better.

There is energetic support for a positive change on every level of our life on Earth. In order for the change to happen, our support is needed. If you are unsure how you can support the change, just minimise your exposure to explicit negativity (at least the usual media) and remember that nothing in our current world is black or white. This is time for asking questions, using your logic together with your heart and making sure that you understand who profits from a specific situation..

To lighten up the energy of this post, I attach this educational and entertaining Halloween video which also supports the idea that nothing in this three dimensional world is just white or just black.

Let's start searching for some silver linings!



Until next time, use Reiki (and other techniques) to stay balanced and focused on the life you want to live.

Best wishes!

And let me know how you like the video.

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