Time of Confusion or Time of Blessings?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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I promised a different topic for today’s post, but this one prevailed.

Instead of writing about how to use Reiki to help to resolve a conflict, I would like to share a few thoughts related to current time of concern about a ‘new virus’. I won’t be mentioning the name assigned to it as I don’t know what policy / criteria Google applies to posts containing ‘the name’. In short, don’t want this post to be hidden for readers.

I think that this is really time of confusion. When I talk with people regardless where they live, most of them say that there is lack of clarity about the virus and the procedures for protection. They say that a clear and practical information is expected from officials, particularly so because most of people follow various posts and info in media and social media from all sorts of experts, ‘experts’ and ordinary people. Quite often those don’t agree and people reading, listening or watching feel unsure of what to do or not to do.

I also think this is time of blessings and will get to that later in this post.

I’m not sure what is true and I have nothing to add to the 'hot discussion'. I’m not an expert.

I have my own head, still relatively independent and my heart very dependent – I love people and all living beings.

That is why I wanted to share a few lines with you that might be helpful. If you are concerned for your and your dear ones health in the above context, please continue reading. You may find some useful info to ease your worry and make you feel ‘in charge’.

As always, I rely on my immune system to protect me when in danger from a ‘bug’. It works very well when I nourish happy and optimistic thoughts and take care of my body. And opposite. I’ll give you two examples.

During a peak flu season in Auckland quite a few years ago, my husband and I visited our (with flu) bedridden friends bringing them some supplies and wearing no masks. We just brought supplies, good mood and words of encouragement for our friends.

No flu caught.

Another example. I was between the jobs, worried and very stressed out. When I got a job, the day I had to start working, I was flat out in the bed. Flu.

I’m not saying do not wear a mask. Totally opposite. Do anything that makes you comfortable. And use common sense.

I’m saying: nourish those thoughts that keep you in good spirit, vibrationally far away for from the low vibration of the virus. If your vibration does not match its vibration, there is almost no chance of catching it.

I also nourish my immune system by giving my body some physical and energetic immune support. This is my experience, not a promotion of any person or brand. I’m sure you can find some similar products and tools there where you live and in your own sources.

If you can't, feel free to have a look and, as always, use your discernment. I am aware that some of you won’t be comfortable with some of the below mentioned tools or products. Choose what works for you.

Here is what I (and my family)use.

1. Sound healing created for the specific virus we talk about, by Misa Hopkins. I know Misa, an extraordinary person and great healer. It is FREE thanks to her generous heart.

The coupon code is: PROTECT2020

2. Herbs: “Immune Booster” by Vesna’s Naturals (

Excellent for kids too. My grandkids use it too.

It is important that the immune boosting product contains a mixture of ingredients that work in synergy, not just one ingredient.

3. Energy work

3a. Reiki – self treatment or treatment received from a Reiki practitioner.

Apart from doing a self-treatment, I have a long list of family members and friends I do daily distant treatment to. I’m particularly happy that for this one I do not depend on anybody: no product needed, no electricity needed, no device needed… Just my hands and my willingness.

If you are in great need for some energetic support during this time of confusion and can’t afford hands-on professional treatment, please let me know. I’ll see what I can do to assist.

3b. Mantra

I listen (and sing along a little bit) to Tryambakam mantra for protection and new beginnings. There are plenty of versions. It is FREE. Here is my favoured one:

4. Quantum Healing: If you are exhausted, particularly due to long period of stress or illness, here is a FREE mini course from Julie Renee Doering called “Fatigue to Fabulous”

5. Good quality food prepared for easy digestion and absorption.

Lots of soup and stew, fruit and vegetables, healthy fats (e.g. avocado, freshly ground linseed)

6. Laughter and fun. FREEEEEE!!!!

I notice (and hear from other people as well) that there are fewer people on the streets, in shops etc.

Staying more inside with your family is a blessing. It can be a challenge with kids, I know. It can also be an opportunity for playing those games we never had time to, for reading those books we never had time to, getting in (online) touch with people we didn’t hear from for a long period of time…

Staying inside has another silver lining: ‘doing inside job’. It can be time for meditation, contemplation and journaling, doing a creative project… Opportunities are endless.

P.S. Don’t tell anybody: Ljubo, my husband and I watch a Hallmark Christmas movie or some good comedy almost every evening. Nothing to be concerned about during the movie time: happy-end is guaranteed. Watching so light-hearted movie changes our energy to a very light vibration as an introduction for a meditation. Give it a go and let me know how it works for you. Take your movie-critic glasses off before clicking Play button.

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