Who is crazy to celebrate now? I am.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Loud thoughts by Anka Bosanac

I have a few questions for you. Please answer to yourself. Answer honestly. I do not need to know unless you want me to know.

When was the last time that you participated in a #celebration?

When was the last time that you organized a celebration?

When was the last time that you celebrated on your own, just you?

Who is crazy to celebrate now?!!! Now emphasized.

If that is what you are thinking right now, please allow me to get ‘back to basics’.

I assume that the reason for the now to be emphasised, is your feeling of stress, disappointment and fear that overwhelms you. So many social and natural ‘disasters’ are happening almost daily and somebody is crazy enough to ask you whether you celebrate.

What is there to celebrate?

What is the meaning, purpose of celebrating?

What is the price of not celebrating?

For me celebrating means #acknowledging, appreciating. For me celebrating is #enjoying. For me celebrating involves or, at least, ends with laughing, singing, dancing.

How high is the #frequency of joy? Is it higher than frequency of fear?

Which one of the two brings us into better position for co-creating a happy life with ease?

How high is the frequency of laughter? Is it higher than frequency of complaining, being grumpy?

Which one of the two brings us into better position for #co-creating a happy life with ease?

It all comes to vibration. Everything is vibration, people included. Vibration is quite infectious. Can you recall a situation when one person started laughing wholeheartedly and everybody else just joined in without knowing why the laughter started in the first place, until tears bursted from their eyes?

My preference is to be infected by #high vibration. Only high vibration enables me to center myself and be resistant to all daily #challenges of doom and gloom we are bombarded with.

If I allow myself to slip into all that energy of fear and hopelessness, I’m of no help to others and myself. I am aware that holding a high vibration is a very challenging task.

I try to accept casual falling into low vibration with grace and do whatever works for me to get up again.

Celebrating is for me one of easiest and most enjoyable ways to raise my vibration. My increased vibration affects everybody around me directly and the entire Universe indirectly.

Knowing that, I can’t say ‘no’ to a celebration. So, I organise celebrations often and I participate in other people’s celebrations with delight.

As to, what is there to celebrate right now for me, I’ll muse about that in the next few lines.

Today I have a reason to celebrate. My work on a new website (this one you are reading from) is progressing really well.

Actually I have a few reasons to celebrate. Some small windfalls appeared in my life from 'nowhere', Ljubo's (my husband's) hand is recovering nicely from an injury. He will be able to play his accordion and guitar 'full speed' instead of playing only slow music. I can particularly celebrate his promise that he will perform 'less crazy' dance movements at our next wedding anniversary and won't risk another injury. Actually I have a million reasons for celebration when I start thinking what I'm grateful for. It doesn't have to be a particular thing happening in my life today or this moment.

One particular professional reason for celebration I'll keep for myself for now. Will let you know when the time is right.

Until then hug your loved one, help somebody with a small task, watch flowers in your garden, cuddle your or somebody else's pet, look at blue sky, enjoy in painting, cooking and eating, walking on the beach... or listen your favoured piece of music....Or play music. Or just look at the image above or below...

Choices are unlimited.

Feel love and beauty and celebrate!


Please comment and let me know what and how you do celebrate. Thank you.

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