Why Reiki is the Perfect Antidote to Modern Living

As much as many of us choose to overlook or deny it, there is a lot wrong with the way most of us currently live our lives. We evolved in an environment completely foreign to the world we live in now and adapted to gain abilities and traits that in many ways leave us unsuited for our current environment.

We sit in chairs all day long gaining weight, we eat processed foods and we face constant stresses from work, from our relationships and from our finances.

What’s more, we are constantly in demand and constantly ‘plugged in’ and ‘stressed out’. Our phones are always ringing, texts are always coming in and we get a new e-mail every two minutes… Even when most of us aren’t working or being bothered, we have a near addiction to technology. That means we’re still unable to really decompress.

Is it any wonder that mental health problems are so common?

Using Reiki to Escape Modern Stress

This is probably a big part of the reason that Reiki is so popular right now. Reiki simply means placing our hands on one or a few positions on our head and body with an intention of getting relaxed and/or healed. Of course, all that provided you are a Reiki practitioner. If you are not, your choice is to become one or ask a professional for a Reiki session.

The purpose of Reiki session in this context is for you to enjoy calmness and to stop the incessant chatter of your mind. When you decide to have a Reiki treatment or self-treatment, you decide to relax and disengage from the internal and external noise. It provides you with relief from stress and from fear – and instead allows you to simply relax and recover.

Again, Reiki is the perfect tonic. Here, you are tasked with focusing on your wellbeing through relaxation. All that goes effortlessly and without much mental activity. During a Reiki session you usually get into a deep relaxed state when you are aware of your surroundings, but totally unaffected by what is happening around you. No thoughts and emotions to bother you, just presence; here and now. You may fall asleep if you choose so and wake up in half an hour relaxed, and completely refreshed.

Why Reiki is the Perfect Antidote to Modern Living

1. Reiki is simple to learn and simple to apply.

2. Reiki sessions are easy affordable and time efficient.

3. Reiki session can be given and received at any time and any place: during lunch break, in a waiting room, on public transport, before a job interview, before public speech or any public engagement in art, music, sport…. No limits.

4. 1 hour of Reiki treatment replaces 2 to 3 hours of sleep, which is wonderful for sleep-deprived people.

5. Becoming a Reiki practitioner is easy affordable and time efficient through live or online seminars.

6. There are no negative side effects of Reiki sessions.

7. There are no risks involved as you are in charge during the session.

8. If you can’t give a Reiki session to yourself and can’t physically reach a Reiki practitioner, you can receive a distant Reiki session.

If you want to know more how you can benefit from learning Reiki or receiving a Reiki session, please go to Thank you.

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