What is Reiki?

if you don't know anything about Reiki, let's make it simple. Let's say that it is an energy healing system that is usually performed by placing the hands in a series of positions over or slightly above the body. This is really simplified explanation because Reiki is much, much more.

Reiki allows positive energy to flow into the body through the hands of the practitioner and this balances and heals the energy in the body. Reiki has been scientifically shown to do the following: decrease pain levels, speed healing and relax the mind and body.


Reiki can only do good and can never cause harm.

Why is Reiki my friend?

Because it brings me so many benefits



If you are open to it, benefits can be above and beyond your greatest expectations.





What other people say about our work and us:

"I had been introduced to the wonders of Reiki through my partner who has been involved with Reiki for some time. I had taken a great deal of benefit from her treatments in the form of relaxation, stress relief, and general balance from the sessions I had and very much wanted to learn more about it. I participated in a few "group sessions" with Anka and Ljubo and experienced many positives from it. I decided to advance my understanding of Reiki so joined Anka for the level one course. I found her method of teaching to be very informative, interesting, and extremely easy to understand. Anka gave me a great history of Reiki in the level one course, which has stimulated my interest further and I look forward to continuing with her teachings in the not too distant future. I would highly recommend Anka to anyone with an interest in learning more about the many and diverse benefits of Reiki."

Clark G Lee
, Sales Representative
, Gold Coast, Australia


Reiki promotes healing, inner and outer beauty on four planes of existence: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki helps to restore and strengthen the individual's life-force, bringing you back to a natural state of harmony, working on the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Reiki can also be very effective at relieving stress, accelerating body's self-healing, supporting immune system, increasing vitality and relieving pain.  It can promote deep relaxation, sleep and a profound sense of well-being. No wonder that Reiki is so widespread today.

Reiki can be used as an additional form of treatment, as it complements all forms of medicine and healing.


What other people say about our work and us

"I have used and continue to use Reiki not only for self healing but also for my plants, my immediate family, my cats whom I adore beyond life itself and also for distance healing for my mum and family who live many miles away. In my experience, once the energy begins to flow, the mind begins to calm and this helps the body to focus on healing. This process of mind over body is a powerful method of healing and is the essence of holistic healing, something entirely ignored by modern science. The results are phenomenal.

I continue to call upon Anka and her family for sending energy to anyone I know who needs it and Anka has never hesitated to do so, despite her busy schedule. I would highly recommend anyone to try Reiki."

Neha Meher, Accountant, Auckland

Reiki Benefits


Physical level

Reiki can be a powerful support to you in times of illness, helping to bring relief to acute or chronic conditions, supporting the body's own ability to heal itself.

Reiki cleanses body from toxins. Pains and aches can be reduced, relieved, removed or released.

Reiki can assist in healing of minor cuts or bruises as well as heart disease, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Reiki treatment can lower blood pressure and heart rate, accelerate recovery from surgical interventions and injuries, enhance immune-system function, provide relief from allergies, alleviate hormone related conditions and gynecological issues, reduce side effects from conventional medications.



From our Casebook:


Case 1:

First Aid (Distant Healing)

I was overseas traveling by bus when a young man sitting a few seats further away suddenly fainted.

Passengers started panicking.  A young girl calmly and quickly loosened the man’s shirt and placed him in a more comfortable position while the bus driver found a safe place to stop.  The man’s breathing was shallow and my first impulse was to place my palms on his body.    However, I realised the gesture might not be welcomed or approved of, so I chose instead to perform a distant Reiki treatment from where I was sitting.

In a minute or so the man started breathing normally, opened his eyes and asked what had happened.  The ambulance arrived and they did a brief examination on the spot.   Even though there was nothing obviously wrong with the man, they chose to take him to the emergency department for a more thorough examination.

I felt calm and peaceful because I was able to assist in a very discreet but powerful way.


Case 2:

Chemotherapy side effects

Janet (not her real name) had undergone surgery for breast cancer and was starting chemotherapy.

When the side effects of chemotherapy became unbearable she came for a Reiki treatment (year 2000).  She had been advised to come for a Reiki treatment earlier but originally dismissed it as being something ‘spooky’.

We were joined by a third practitioner and together we gave her a Reiki treatment.

The next day she was over the moon.  She had a deeply refreshing and healthy sleep for the first time since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After her next chemotherapy session she felt only mildly sick.  

The three of us continued to give Janet Reiki treatments three times a week.  She was so much better and was able to function normally while undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  She was driving herself to and from hospital and was working part time.

After one month she attended a First Degree Reiki Course and began her journey of self- healing  while still receiving regular Reiki treatments from us. 

At her breast cancer support group she was the only one who had not lost her hair. For her chemotherapy hair loss was just a mental concept, not physical reality.

Her recovery to full health was very fast and the result was quite permanent.

Twebty years later Janet is still a very happy and healthy person.


Case 3

Chemotherapy side effects 1






Mental and Emotional level


What other people say about benefits of practising Reiki:

"I love to use the energy patterns for protecting and harmonising and I use them in my art work. I have these (Reiki) symbols on my easel and that energy is in every painting. I sign Reiki symbols below my name. I like my paintings to have a healing aspect to them and this is one way I can enhance that energy."

Wendy Worley, Artist, New Zealand


Reiki brings about peace and harmony in your relationship with yourself and others. It helps you to forgive yourself and others and to search for goodness in everybody and everything.

Reiki can help you deal with special / important / difficult situations in your life such as bereavement, changes in relationships, exams, job interviews, major decisions...

It can help in healing addictions and various thought patterns that do not serve you any more.

Reiki can ease or eliminate fears related to transition from physical to non-physical state (dying process) as well as to giving birth.

Reiki clears blockages and suppressed emotions.

Reiki increases creativity.




From our Casebook:

Quitting smoking

Case 1


Maria (not her real name) was looking forward to attending a Second Degree Reiki Course, as she knew that she would, among other techniques, learn how to effectively deal with addictions.  She wanted to quit smoking.

She applied what she had learned immediately after she attended the course.  Using Reiki symbols and mantras she was able to invoke a specific energy that helped her to quite easily resist the urge to light a cigarette.  After a week or so, the craving was gone!  

When we saw her she was radiating happiness and joy due to her achievement and success in overcoming the smoking habit.  She was very grateful to Reiki and to us for motivating her to continue on her path of self-healing.


Quitting smoking

Case 2


Sam (not his real name) did not have any conscious intention to quit smoking.


He was practising Reiki regularly for self healing and for healing others.  He was enjoying using Reiki and he felt that he was ready for Third Degree level.


Sam was very surprised and happy to realise that he did not crave a cigarettes any more.  Smoking became repulsive to him and he stopped for good.


Due to receiving regular self treatments, Sam’s body obviously reached a higher vibratory (frequency) level that was incompatible with poisons from cigarette smoke.  The intelligence within his body was automatically refusing harmful substances.





Spiritual level

Reiki is not a religion and has no dogma. It is suitable for people of all religious beliefs and atheists.

Reiki raises your conscious awareness and advances self-growth through fine-tuning you and putting you in touch with your own innate creativity and divine spark within.

Reiki helps you to let go and enable healing to occur.

It can also help to make the ‘veil’ between realities thinner or remove it completely for a short period of time, when needed for the purpose of healing.




From our Casebook:

Deeper understanding of Life

Zara (name changed) was an elderly woman with very advanced lung cancer. Every breath was really painful for her. Apart from the physical suffering, she was completely consumed by the fear from dying. 

When she came for a treatment, it was quite obvious that her body was ‘beyond repair’ and a miracle was needed to extend her physical life beyond a few months.

She warned us that she couldn’t breathe when in a horisontal position, so she would have to receive her treatment while sitting.

We asked her to try stretching out on the Reiki table. If that does not work, we will give her a treatment while she is sitting. Reluctantly, very slowly and cautiously she stretched and we placed our palms on her head and body while relaxing music was playing in the background. She closed her eyes and started breathing regularly in no time. In a few minutes an angelic smile lit her face. We felt that she was somewhere else, far from this room and our Reiki table.


Zara was very relaxed during the entire treatment and that angelic smile did not leave her face even when she woke up.

A family member who accompanied Zara could not believe that it was possible for Zara to take just one painless breath, not to mention to breathe without struggle for one hour!


Zara told us while still glowing, that the treatment was very enjoyable. Her daughter (who passed away more than 10 years ago) visited her during her relaxed state and they had a lovely chat. (That is where the angelic smile came from.) Zara was very composed and confident when she said: “I’m ready. I know now that the after-life exists and I’ll meet my daughter soon.”


We felt really blessed to be able to facilitate for her an experience like that. For a body so exhausted like hers, to be able to breathe without difficulty for one hour, is precious, for a person to overcome fear from death, priceless.