Reiki for Kids, Teens

and Their Parents / Guardians

Children, babies included, enjoy Reiki enormously and benefit from it extensively.


When we talk about ‘Reiki for Kids, Teens and Their Parents / Guardians", we talk about

two aspects of this topic:

  • Giving a Reiki treatment to children, teens and their parents or guardians

  • Teaching children, teens and their parents or guardians Reiki


1. Giving Reiki treatment to children and teens


Let’s first remind ourselves that Reiki therapy is safe and non-invasive.

No harm can be done to your dearest ones.

Reiki is being used for various purposes, most commonly to facilitate relaxation and recovery, decrease anxiety and treat pain. The benefits are far greater than the immediate release of the mentioned symptoms.

Some benefits in treating children with Reiki are:

Reiki is calming and balancing.

Reiki improves concentration.

Reiki enhances relaxation and sleep.

Reiki encourages self-awareness and enhances self-esteem.

Reiki can help with emotional and physical issues (but we strongly advise you consult your doctor).

Reiki helps children to enjoy a better life and improve their academic performance.

Reiki enhances creativity.

Reiki helps children get rid of fear, worry and lack of interest.


Children’s needs are a little different than adults.  They do not need long treatments, as they usually do not manage to create beliefs that would need ‘dismantling’ in order for them to experience healing. Children become very relaxed when they are receiving Reiki. It is quite common for younger children to express their perception of Reiki as Love or Goodness.

Some younger children may not be patient enough for the traditional Reiki session.  For them Distant healing might be a solution, or they can receive a hands on treatment while they are playing.

We believe that traumatized children carry a negative energy that stays within the body and needs to be energetically removed.

We offer Reiki treatments to the parents of children    with behavioural disorders to help them improve their relationship with their children.   This is just the first step, as learning Reiki may enable them to create much greater improvement in all relationships, including the relationship with their children.

Practitioners around the World have also seen good results working with and training children with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, and other so called, developmental syndromes.

Please, be aware that no other practitioner can replace your loving touch and your loving presence in your child’s life.

It would be a wise choice for a parent to be trained in Reiki so the child can receive regular, preferably daily, Reiki treatments.

It does not have to be done as an ‘official treatment’.  You could simply be in the same room with the child, offering the energy gently, without touching or even being near the child. Or you could just spend time with the child, playing, reading, colouring....

Please, spend some time contemplating whether you are prepared to make that small investment into a Reiki Course, if for no other reason, as an investment into your child's health and happiness.



2. Teaching children and teens Reiki


Children love to receive a Reiki treatment and ‘do’ Reiki as well. They are so spontaneous in both situations, that, in most cases, it looks like they were born with awareness of Reiki.


From our Casebook:

Maya (not her real name) was nearly five when she attended the First Degree Course with her mum. We were not teaching her; she was just present there, as her mum did not manage to organise baby-sitting. When we announced that the next part of the Course will be ‘hand positions’ for self-treatment, to our amazement, she placed her hands exactly on the position we were about to demonstrate! To her mother’s best knowledge, the girl never saw anybody performing a Reiki treatment or self-treatment.

As she was interested in hand positions, we gave her the First Degree attunement at that occasion. Her mother reported after a while that Maya did sometimes place her hands on her or her mum’s body ‘to do Reiki.’


We plan to design a different, shorter Reiki online course for children from 7 to 10 years old while children above 10 years attend the same course as adults.

We try our best to find out whether the child really wants to attend Reiki course. From our experience, most of the children interested in Reiki have at least one family member practising Reiki, so there is a person in their life who can assist and support them on their Reiki journey.

Possible benefits of learning and practising Reiki at an early age:

* Healing of mind, body and spirit.

* Better self esteem

* Increased ability to concentrate

* Increased ability to accept and love themselves and their surroundings exactly as they are;

* Feel more content

* Increased ability to stay calm and balanced regardless of what is happening around them

* Increased ability to discern what does not serve them and letting go of unproductive habits, interest, etc.

* Knowledge that they are loved and cared for regardless of what is happening in their life

* Enables better coping strategies for life’s problems at school and at home, like bullying, peer pressure, family break ups, parents’ financial worries etc.

* Reiki promotes a healthy way of living throughout their adult lives, helping them make better choices and create balance in their life

"I  just received a Reiki cuddle before my bedtime"