This Is Who We Are

Mission Statement

To provide wise, practical, concise and enjoyable information on benefits of learning to work with energy (lifeforce) consciously, or receiving a Reiki / energy treatment as a treatment complementary to any therapy or as a way to maintain good health in long term.

Through an understanding of Reiki terminology, learning about real life cases and testimonials, we aim to give our potential students the information and advice needed to get their own understanding whether undergoing a Reiki / energy treatment or learning Reiki and applying other spiritual practices would be beneficial for them.

It is our aim to assist as many people as possible to discover that the healing comes from within and to empower them to be able to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

For those already on the look for a complementary therapy, particularly energy therapy, we offer our knowledge and combined more than 50 years of experience through our Reiki sessions, seminars and  other workshops.

Based first in New Zealand, now in Croatia, our aim is to be recognised as one of most effective and enjoyable places for Reiki education worldwide.

Our philosophy is one of openness and approachability.

We are always ready to share our knowledge with you and learn from you as well.


We are bringing to conscious awareness and share with you Universal knowledge, insights that we personally gained or learned from our teachers and mentors.  We activate inner knowledge and raise consciousness level of an individual, community and planet Earth level.

We are committed to constant improvement of our services, our constant personal growth and constant personal growth of all people working with us who equally commit to it.

We nourish and promote Universal Truth, excellent health, closeness, between people, lightness, simplicity and beauty while increasing joy, happiness and well-being.


Philosophy and Values

High standards.

High standard in everything: teaching and mentoring, energetic experience, presentation,

Constant improvement.

We are aware that, if we want to be top mentors and therapists, we have to follow our path and that we had to overcome some ‘obstacles’ our students are yet to overcome. That is why we constantly improve our intellectual, spiritual and energetic knowledge.

Constant research

Although we gained our first Reiki knowledge more than 2 decades ago, our learning has never stopped. Availability of Reiki information from Japan, brought us new insights and different, original viewing angle of Reiki system origins and original purpose of the system. We are following what is happening in ‘Reiki world’ and we correct our teaching according to our trusted deep inner sense “Ah, this is true.”

Supporting our students

Considering that Reiki does not promote any type of following, our students and clients do not have to stay in contact with us.

If they want, we are always here to support them on their path to healthier and happier life. From the first contact, we offer you our advice and our support to enable you to decide what is best for you.

Thanks to today’s technology, it is easy to stay in touch regardless of physical distance between us.

Openness and Approachability

We are always ready to share our knowledge with you and learn from you along the way.

We always try to give more than it is expected

Our students and clients are usually pleasantly surprised by the value received for their monetary inestment. That brings us lots of satisfaction and asks for additional commitment for even greater quality of our services...


Why Would You Choose A.B.R.A.?

Because of who they are:


They always emphasise that only the best teachers are good enough for them, but it is not what they learn from others, that gives them strongest credentials.

Having faced great challenges helped accelerate their learning.

They have lived through war, and chose to seek peace.

They have experienced migration and integration into a very different culture. They chose what values they would keep, which ones they would let go of and which new values they would have adopt.

They have been through their time of profound healing and transformation, when they had to let go of many beliefs in order to step forward. This transformation process is still work in progress.

Because of what they do and how they work:

1. They work as a team. In case of serious health conditions (cancer, M.S. etc), they do Reiki sessions in a group of 3 or 4.

2. Every staff member has over 25 years experience in practicing Reiki.

3. They have 24 years of experience in teaching Reiki in two languages.

4. They have international experience: teaching in 5 countries, students and clients from 13 countries of origin, including Japan.

5. They learned from the best Reiki teachers of the period: Vera Aleksander, Sandra Daubney, Barbara Pillsbury, Maureen Kelly, later from Frans and Bronwyn Stiene) and other well known names in transformational domain: Mike Dooley, Misa Hopkins, Joe Vitale, Hans King, Jill Renee Feeler, Biljana Knaap Quaan,  Liam Phillips...)

6. They do research in vibrational healing and healing with sound. They have a few inventions in the first field.

7. They offer Money Back Guarantee on their courses, seminars, workshops and Reiki sessions.

Please pay attention: This is a guarantee for the quality of their performance, not a guarantee of the result.

8. 19 consecutive years they were hosting a Reiki Sharing Group where they shared Reiki treatments and experiences with other Reiki practitioners in the area.

What they offer now you can check here. 

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